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Persona 3 Portable English Version

Cover : Persona 3 Portable
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable (ペルソナ3 ポータブル), an enhanced remake of Persona 3 for the PlayStation Portable, was released in Japan on November 1, 2009, and released in North America on July 6, 2010. It came to most of Europe on 29 April 2011 and the UK on 28 April 2011.

Persona 3 Battle Preview
The announcement in Famitsū revealed that the player would have the option to play as a female character. This selection alters some aspects of the story: the first Persona gained by the Protagonist, Orpheus, will have a different appearance; Igor's assistant in the Velvet Room, Elizabeth, can be replaced with a male equivalent named Theodore. The gender choice also alters some aspects of the Social Link stories. In addition to the new playable character, there are two new difficulty levels to select from alongside the original game's three. Persona 3 Portable only includes the story of the original Persona 3; however, general changes have been made to the plot, regardless of character choice.

Main Lobby in the School
The game's revised battle system draws on elements added in Persona 3's successor, Persona 4. In combat, the player is able to directly control every character, as an alternative to utilizing the game's artificial intelligence. The ability to guard has been added, and allies will take fatal attacks for the Protagonist, preventing his or her death. Outside of Tartarus, instead of navigating the game world by directly controlling the Protagonist, the player guides an on-screen cursor around an area, allowing interaction with characters and objects. The game includes the voice acting of the original game, although characters are not shown in the world, instead being represented by on-screen portraits. In addition, the anime cutscenes seen in the original Persona 3 have been replaced to feature in-game graphics. Shōji Meguro composed new music for Persona 3 Portable; some of the game's music is different if the female protagonist is selected. Several cameos of characters from Persona 4 have been added to Persona 3 Portable, including Yukiko Amagi, a playable character from Persona 4. It also features a cameo character which was hinted as Vincent, the star of another game by the Persona development team, Catherine.

Rating by Other website Review :
- GameFAQs Rating Average  = 9.0
- MetaCritic MetaScore             = 89
- Reader Review (gamefaqs)    = 8.8
- User Score (gamespot)           = 9.0
- Gamespot Rating Average     = 8.5
- Kotak Game rating                   = 8.5
- Player Rating (kotak game)   = 9.6

File Name    : Persona 3 Portable [ENG]
Size         : Part 1 = 450 MB + Part 2 = 449.08MB
Storage      : Indowebster
Patch        : Prometheus

Persona 3 Portable [ENG] download here!! (INDOWEBSTER) 
(thank to uploader : by ado_imo)
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Anonim mengatakan...

ini game psp ato pc sih

Agung Hidayat mengatakan...

Game PSP ini,
klo mau dimainin di PC, harus pake emulator (JPCSP)

Anonim mengatakan...

makasih yah bro agung, dulu sy sempet punya isonya, eh ke apus, cari2 lg d situs yg dulu donlot, ud mati linkny, untung ad punya bro agung, two thumbs up!

Anonim mengatakan...

gan thx sebelum nya....
dah download game ini dan udah tes WORK 100% heheehe
klo bisa req dong gan.. klo ada waktu

mortal kombat unchained .... pingin bener maen game ini thx sebelum nya keep posting

Anonim mengatakan...

ini di gabungin partnya gimana bang caranya...??

akhmad riduan mengatakan...

mas kok jpcsp yg sya disini ko jika sudh cmd nyx selesai kluar emultornya dan 5 dtik kmudian tiba2 hilang/keluar sndri
knpa bsa bgtu mohon bri pncrhnyx mas ?

Adii Saputra mengatakan...

ada patchnya ini gak om?

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